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30. Australian. I blog anything I find beautiful or interesting,
stuff from movies I like and Doctor Who.

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Sunrise at Meadfoot Beach - Explore #60 by rosiespoonerphotos on Flickr.

A beautiful afternoon spent at the beach at Noosa :)


Fihalhohi Island - South Male (Kaafu) Atoll - Maldives 2009 | e t d j t pictures

Jes Hudak | “Different Worlds” (acoustic)

I’ve been out on the ocean
sailing alone, traveling nowhere
You’ve been running on hard ground
with just you around, your heartbeat’s the only sound 

(Source: videbitis)


My heart will go on.

Mother of Dragons by Alicechan

"Don’t change so that people will like you. Be the real you and the right people will love you. Don’t give up yourself - and stoop to be a counterfeit."

- Unknown  (via thatkindofwoman)

(Source: onlinecounsellingcollege, via thatkindofwoman)